Internet Safety Curriculum for Schools

New technologies have become integral to the lives of teens and young people in today’s society. Although the internet provides a huge opportunity for teens to expand their horizons by learning new things online, the risks that are accompanied by unsafe internet usage might overshadow these benefits. Teens can be quite naive about the potential safety and issues related to giving away their private information which can be very harmful to their future.

The Internet has become a blessing for the people of the world. It has created unlimited scopes to make life easier. With the help of Internet modern life has become easy and people of the world can easily communicate with each other.

The quality of life of the people have improved a lot because of the internet, but everything has its harmful aspect too. The dark side of the internet is causing many problems in human life. Accessing to any kind of information is easy through the internet, hence getting access to harmful information becomes easier as well. Worldwide internet safety has become a concern. Children are becoming one of the prime victims of this risk. For the past decade, it is seen that there are people on the Internet who are called digital publishers, who are sitting in their homes to catch internet users in new ways. In such an unsafe and risky environment, students at school and college must stay safe on the internet and know the rules of the prevention of these online masks to keep themselves safe.

The aim of Preneur Lab Limited is to solve social problems for the people of the city or village through technology  and develop various innovative solutions and programs for the women, entrepreneurs and young people. Preneur Lab started its journey in 2013, from that day onwards its young entrepreneurs are working tirelessly to improve public life through socio-economic development. 

So, Preneurlab with the support of Google launched “Online Safety Curriculum” integration in Bangladesh with the support of the National Curriculum and Textbook Board, about the security of the Internet.

The project aims to implement an internet safety curriculum in the Textbook. The pilot phase started on 1st March 2019, During this period 1211 students from 14 different schools of 3 different districts participated in the campaign. Before the Pilot phase, Preneur Lab had several meetings with NCTB. 

After that, Preneur Lab conducted “Online Safety Curriculum Workshop” which was a half-day workshop held at National Curriculum and Textbook  Board (NCTB) on 17th January 2019 as part of “Online Safety Curriculum” integration in Bangladesh project.

The workshop was conducted for NCTB officials including NCTB Chairman and board members. Few officials from A2I (Access to information) of ICT Division and USAID were also present. Google India Trust & Safety Team joined virtually and shared their experiences of rolling out the same in India to the officials. Prof. Narayan Chandra Saha, Chairman, NCTB appreciated the initiative of Preneur Lab and also thanked Google officials for joining virtually.