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by Preneur Lab

Impact of Social Media

The Good There is no doubt social media has been beneficial for some criminal justice institutions. For the police, social media has given them unprecedented access to the public, and vice versa. Via Facebook and Twitter, police and the public can communicate in real time about incidents and events. This has proven invaluable not only…
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Way to Peace

Youth have a vital role in promoting and maintaining peace and security of the community. According to the most popular statements, the majority of youth are not violent. Certainly, they can play active roles as the lead of positive and formative change. Young people are also the critical actors in conflict prevention and sustaining peace.…
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Announcing our First Icon

We are delighted to announce Mr. Tajdin Hassan as the “Tech for Peace” Icon. Mr Hassan is an active youth motivational speaker and currently serving as the role of  “Head of Marketing” at the leading English daily newspaper of Bangladesh, “The Daily Star”.   “Tech for Peace” Icons’ panel will guide the project providing insights…
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Hello world!

“Tech for Peace” is platform to develop a youth network between top university clubs and students in Bangladesh. The network will activate and engage students to safeguard them from violent activities. In the first phase, the network members will be taken through a journey where they will be able to build apps / digital solutions…
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