Peace is Life!

Peace is a celebration of our co-existence, a necessity in our collective struggle to survive and flourish, and an acknowledgement of our inter-connections and mutual needs. Peace is recognizing within others the same things that are inside of you. Peace is combining of efforts to increase our collective potential.

Peace is not the opposite of war. Peace is our natural state, required by the core unit of the family to survive.

We are living in a time of exponential technological growth, and overall change. To survive and flourish, we now need to rapidly expand our understanding and awareness, and focus on cooperation in an increasingly inter-connected world. Much of the focus of technology today is on military and security use, on means of control. It is essential that these tools be used in an open and transparent way. We could achieve so much more if we used these tools for peace.

Napoleon Boneparte once noted that “those who have changed the universe have never done it by changing officials, but always by inspiring the people.” We want to inspire you to live in peace and expand your perspective through creativity and art.

Way to Peace

Youth have a vital role in promoting and maintaining peace and security of the community. According to the most popular statements, the majority of youth are not violent. Certainly, they can play active roles as the lead of positive and formative change.

Young people are also the critical actors in conflict prevention and sustaining peace. Young people’s inclusion in the peace and security agenda and in society more broadly, is key to building and sustaining peace.

“Youth, Peace, and Development” have the closest connections to sustain peace in the community. The process of social inclusion for youth, including participation in decision-making as well as access to quality education, health care and basic services promotes their role as active contributors to society and affords young people with opportunities to reach their potential and achieve their goals. When youth are excluded from political, economic and social spheres and processes, it can be a risk factor for violence and violent forms of conflict. Therefore, identifying and addressing the social exclusion of young people is a precondition for sustaining peace.

Website Launching of “Tech for Peace” Project

On 13th July 2017, an inauguration ceremony held at Democracy International for launching “Tech for Peace” website.

At the beginning, “Tech for Peace” team gathered at DI conference room and Ms. Katie Croake, COP, Democracy International also joined there with other staffs and welcomed all at launching ceremony. The Project Coordinator of Tech for Peace Ms. Kumrun Nahar introduced other team members there. There was a short presentation about project progress summary presented by the Project Officer(Knowledge Management).

Later, Mr. Arif Nezami, CEO of Preneur Lab, invited Ms. Katie Croake to inaugurate the website. After her pressing the “LAUNCH” button “” website of “Tech for Peace” inaugurated. Then a short promo video played and Ms. Katie Croake cut the cake with all other members of the project to celebrate the precious moment.