Download the Apps of “Tech for Peace” Incubation Program and Win Exciting Prizes. Link on the image to download the apps.

Mesut App: Mesut app will work on that class of people of the society who suffers from mental illness.Our goal is to make a society free from violence.


a.Mental test

  • Depression test
  • Anxiety test
  • Anger level test

b.Task (will be given everyday)

c.Challenge (can challenge their friend and family)

d.Add pair (can add family member & close friends)

e.Mesut feed (motivational video, speech or status will be uploaded)



Valo Thakun:The app “Valo Thakun” will be a great platform to train and inspire people to do good tasks everyday and lead them to a positive mindset connecting different university students in a Hub.



a.Daily good tasks training & challenges.

b.Connecting all University students in one roof.

c.Inspiration tab.

d.Positive News Portal.

e.Motivational videos.





No Crime:  No crime is a mobile app for citizen’s safety and investigation purpose.



a.Users can report by providing descriptions and photos on

  • Terrorism/Extremism crime
  • Cyber Crime
  • Bombs/Arms/Explosives
  • Most Wanted

b.”Emergency Voice” button.

c.Live chat option

d.View particular crime zone

e.Urgent Information option.